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How To Register A Cheap Domain Name In 2024 | 99 Cent .COM Domain

Best websites to buy a cheap domain name in 2024

Today we are going to talk about the few websites from where you can buy the cheap domain names in 2024 to kickstart your journey of blogs or website development.

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How To Register A Cheap Domain Name In 2024 | Domain Buying Guide

A domain name is the identity of blogs or websites. You should be wise and cautious before registering a domain name.

Register 0.99$ .COM Domain Name In Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the leading brands in the domain name industry. If you are looking for a cheap domain name then you can easily register a .com domain name just for 0.99 dollars in Godaddy. Yes, you heard it right but there is a hack for it as you need to use a coupon code and also the payment method should be a credit or debit card. You won’t be able to register a 0.99$ domain name using a payment method like Paypal.

Another limitation of this cheap domain name is you can only register one domain name per account. So, if you want to register multiple domain names for 0.99 then you need to signup using multiple email addresses.

Get a . COM For just $5.98 in Namecheap

You can register the .com domain for just $5.98 in Namecheap. You can register a domain name for just 5.98 dollars using any payment method. There is no limitation with payment methods as you can pay using a debit/credit card along with PayPal too.

You can register only one domain name for the payment method as you need to use another payment method if you want to register more than 1 domain name for just $ 5.98 in Namecheap.

At the moment, the regular pricing for the .com domain name in Namecheap is $8.98.

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