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SEO Checklist For Beginners In 2024 | For Better Website Rank

SEO Checklist For Beginners In 2024 | For Better Website Rank

Better SEO, Better Rank, And Better Traffic From Google

Yes, you read it right as SEO is one of the major factors for the ranking and the traffic that you generate from a search engine like Google. For the beginner level of bloggers or content creators, SEO can be a complex and tough job but in reality, it is not.

It’s a simple but step-by-step process where you need to work ‘genuinely’ being focused on your content and also on the various technical aspects.

In this blog post exclusively dedicated to beginners, we will show some of the amazing and useful SEO checklists that you should follow to get a better rank on Google.

SEO Checklist For Beginners In 2024 | For Better Website Rank

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Important SEO Checklist:

1. Set Up Google Tag Manager

It is not compulsory to set up Google Tag Manager (GTM) in your blog but Google tag manager will make your life easier. You can easily integrate various Google services like Google Analytics from Google Tag Manager.

2. Set Up Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is one of the most needed SEO tools for bloggers or any website developers. This is so powerful and crucial for your blogs to get visible on Google. With this Google service, you can submit your sitemap, can check the errors, and also figure out which keywords bring you the most traffic.

3. Set Up Google Analytics

After Google Search Console, Google Analytics is another useful service from Google that you may need. With this free service, you can analyze the traffic of your blogs, can check the bounce rate, revenue stats, and many more stats.

4. Set Up Bing Webmaster

In the internet world dominated by Google, we can’t undermine the potential of Bing’s search engine from Microsoft. With its huge network of Windows-based operating systems and other services, Bing is still one of the most used search engines after Google.

Bing webmaster has amazing features like built-in keyword research tools.

5. Install SEO Plugins ( If you are WordPress based bloggers)

There are various plugins like Yoast, Rankmath SEO plugins available for WordPress.

You can use these tools to optimize your blog and the post before it’s get published. It helps you with SEO-optimized title, meta description, image, and other elements that plays important role in ranking.


Well, this much for now on step-by-step SEO checklist for beginners. Let us know if you have any suggestions or tips for this blog post and also for our blog.

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