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How To Start A Niche Blog Or Website In 2024 [ Ideas & Examples]

How To Start A Niche Blog Or Website In 2024 [ Ideas & Examples]

Start a niche website and start earning more than your regular salary.

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss the niche website or niche blogging and will show you how to earn money from the niche blog or websites.

If you don’t know about the niche then don’t worry we are here to solve your every confusion regarding blogging.

What Is Niche?

In a simple definition, everything is a niche, every topic is a niche, every product is niche. Yes, you heard it right. Every part of our life or this world is niche.

Foods, clothes, smartphones, oxygen, education, shoes, alcohol, coffee, medicine, insurance, etc all are niches.

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How To Start A Niche Blog Or Website In 2024[ Ideas & Examples]

Before going through the article, you should be aware of the word “small” that is we will be talking more in this article. Niche websites or blogs are not small websites or blogs. Niche websites are websites where content is focused on the small segment of the huge category.

Niche websites are sites where we write about a particular or small segment of the big topic that focuses on the particular group of people with a common interest.

Recently, we started our first niche project and where we are mainly focusing on the indoor gardening know-how rather than the whole garden category.

You will find many more broad niche ideas, but you will get success if you break these wider niches into sub-niches. This is basically a Niche-Within-a-Niche trick where we create a niche from a bigger niche.

“Traveling” is a broader niche but you can find more niche in this broader niche. Camping can be one niche but still can be a broader niche and might have tons of competition. You can go camping in the high Himalayas or you can go with traveling equipment in high altitudes and similar small micro-niches that can generate millions of traffics.

You can also go with the “trekking shoes” or “trekking shoes for the females” or “trekking shoes for the high altitude”.

There are plenty of niches ideas that can generate millions if worked properly and constantly.

Let’s have a look into some of the ideas that you can work on right now:

  1.  Plant care niche: You can start a blog on indoor garden plants.
  2. Bike Vlogger: You can research this niche as there are plenty of crazes all over the world on bike riding. You can work on something like bike riding gears and etc.
  3. Arts Niche: Topic like arts tutorials for left-handers can be interesting
  4. Sports Niche: Topic like sports gear for female players can generate tons of traffics and revenue.
  5. Crypto affiliate: crypto is in ride these days with the massive craze
  6. Traveling: You can start something like to focus on the small segment of the large niche.

Now, we are leaving this list for you to fill up. Do some research and let us know through the comment below.


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