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What Is Bing’s PubHub And How To Apply PubHub

PubHub from Bing is a feature in Bing webmaster tools that helps news publishers to get extra reach in the search presence.

Meanwhile, It’s not that easy or tough to use this feature from Bing as the Microsoft search division has mainly three criteria for the news publisher.

  • Newsworthiness – Reporting on timely events and topics that are interesting to the people using our services. Content that does not focus on reporting, such as how-to articles, job postings, advice columns, product promotions, is not considered newsworthy. Similarly, content that consists strictly of information without including original reporting or analysis, such as stock data and weather forecasts, is not considered newsworthy.
  • Originality – This includes unique facts or points of view. Faced with numerous sources frequently reporting similar or identical content, originality or uniqueness becomes a critical way to determine the value to a user of an individual story.
  • Authority –News sites with authority maintain the highest level of trust and respect from our users. Submissions must identify sources, authors, and attribution of all content.
  • Readability –Content containing correct grammar and spelling and keeps site design easy for people to navigate. Advertising should never interfere with the site experience.

What Is Bing’s PubHub And How To Apply

If you think that your website or blog can fulfill the criteria of the bing PubHub then you can apply to this program:

  1. You need to log in to Bing Webmaster Tool and verify your news website.
  2. Follow the onscreen instruction and complete the details for Bing News PubHub.
  3. Bing will go through your application and will check your news website, if approved you can have access to the Bing PubHub feature.
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