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200+ Short Pretty Words In English With Definitions in 2024

200+ Short Pretty Words In English With Definitions in 2024

List of short pretty words in English with definitions.

As a blogger, we are always cautious and attentive while using certain words so that our blog won’t be boring to our readers.

There are various words in English that make our conversation interesting and engaging to our listener or to other people with whom we are having a conversation.

Today, we are listing out some of the best and short pretty words in English along with their respective definitions.

200+ Short Pretty Words In English With Definitions in 2024

Scythe – A tool or a long curved sharp blade with a long handle that is basically used for mowing, reaping, or cutting along the grass.

Usage: A ceiling fan that breaks free from its ceiling scythed through the classroom of students, killing two.

Befog – make confused.

Usage:  Using short or pretty words is not to befog the reader’s mind

Bosom – the breast or the women’s chest.

Usage: She held her kid to her bosom.

Audible –  heard or loud enough to be heard.

Usage: Am I audible to you guys?

Racy – exciting or entertaining, and typically sexually titillating.

Usage: The next speaker with a rather racy reputation did not let us down.

Sassy – distinctively smart and stylish.

Usage:  She looks so sassy

Effuse – give off

Usage: The village and its people effuses warmth and hospitality.

Chasm – a deep fissure in the earth’s surface or  a deep crack in the Earth’s surface

Usage: The chasm between rich and poor.

Rend – to split or tear something into pieces.

Usage: A grinding machine that would rend chicken flesh to shreds.

Ravine – A narrow deep gorge or hollow with steep sides.

Usage:  Casually, he began leading the horse along the ravine again

Phonic – producing the nature of sound.

Usage: The writers also rejected phonics as a technique for teaching spelling.

Virtu – rare quality.

Hustle –  promptness.

Misty – filled with fog or mist.

Fervor – intense and passionate feeling.

Lingo – language.

Zephyr – a soft wind.

Robust – strong and healthy; vigorous.

Beget – to produce by the sexual act.

Onset – the beginning of something, especially something unpleasant.


Most Beautiful Words In The World

  1. Toska (Russian)
  2. Komorebi (Japanese)
  3. Hanan (Arabic)
  4. Kama (Sanskrit)
  5. Elvágyódás (Hungarian)
  6. Ubuntu (Nguni Bantu)
  7. Sonrisa (Spanish)



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