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New Post Not Being Indexed By Google Since December 2021

Yes, you heard it right as hundreds of thousands of bloggers and website owners are in frustration and it’s because of nonother than Google as Google is not indexing new posts since December 2021.

Many bloggers are sharing their frustration on various social media platforms like Twitter, reddit, and others. Despite having original and quality content, many blog posts are not being indexed by Google. Even some of the users are having issues with their sitemap too.

New Post Not Being Indexed By Google Since December 2021

Google confirmed the issues on Twitter saying that they are working on the updates. Google hasn’t said what caused the issue of indexing. Meanwhile, you should keep pushing your content into Google Search and hope that works for everyone who is having frustration over the issues.

When we looked on the Google support, it says:

An internal issue caused an increase of redirect errors during indexing, and associated email notifications. This was not due to any website issues, but was due to an internal Google issue. Pages that were dropped from the index have been scheduled for recrawling.

Right now we can’t do anything except write good quality content and push it to Google from the search console. Meanwhile, you should also publish your blog to Bing, Duckduckgo, and other search engines so that you will keep receiving traffic from where you are being indexed.


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