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How To Install Free SSL For One Year In 2023 [Free SSL Renew]

How To Install Free SSL For One Year In 2023

There are various Free SSL providers these days. One of the most popular Free SSL providers is Let’s Encrypt.

Previously they used to provide Free SSL for one year but they have now limited to 3 months and you need to renew it for free which is getting more hectic for non-technical people.

It is not that much easy to install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate manually.

Meanwhile, we have a solution for you and you can easily install free SSL for one year and you can renew it for free without any hassle.

How To Install Free SSL For One Year In 2023 [ Free SSL Renew]

We will take the help of a WordPress plugin to set up free SSL for one year in your blog.

1. WP Encryption – One Click Free SSL Certificate & SSL / HTTPS Redirect to fix Insecure Content

This plugin will help you to install Free SSL in your WordPress-based website without any complex process. After installing and activating the plugin, you just need to follow the onscreen instruction and you are ready to use SSL on your website. It also helps you to redirect your HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

WP Encryption plugin helps you to register your site on Let’s Encrypt, verifies your domain, and generates an SSL certificate for you in an easy way.

If you have integrated Cloudflare and have a redirect loop error then this plugin will also help you to fix it.

Install the WP Encryption plugin From Here.

2. SSL Zen – Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate & HTTPS/SSL Redirect WordPress Plugin

SSL ZEN is another useful WordPress plugin that helps you to install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your website for free. It also helps to set up HTTPS/SSL redirect settings. It renews the free SSL certificate by re-verifying and re-installing the SSL certificate every 90 days but you need to buy the premium version if you want these things to be done automatically.

Install the SSL Zen plugin from here.

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