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Easy Way To Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death In 2024 : Common WordPress Errors

White Screen of Death (WSOD) in WordPress is one of the most common errors that you might come across while using WordPress. If you are a new blogger then this issue can be really frustrating and irritating.

When your WordPress-based websites or blogs came across the white screen of death error then you won’t see except the white screen.

If you are a chrome user then you might see the HTTPS 500 error instead of the white screen.

How To Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death: Common WordPress Errors

Common Reason For WordPress White Screen Of Death

There can be many reasons for the white screen error on WordPress. The most common reason is associated with  PHP errors and database errors.

  1. Plugin Issue: One of the reasons for the white screen of death can be the issues with the plugins. There can be compatibility issues with your plugins. You can do this by deactivating all plugins that you have installed on your site.
  2. Theme issue: Not only plugin, but A theme can also create issues, resulting in WSOD. Sometimes you might come across the white screen of death error immediately after activating the new theme or updating the current one.
  3. PHP Memory limit issue: The PHP memory limits issue is also one of the main reasons. Sometimes themes, plugins, and other codes might exceed the PHP memory limit bringing your site or blog down.
  4. Corrupted .htaccess file issue.
  5. Incorrect wp-config.php

  6. Hosting limitation.
  7. Failed upgrade of themes, plugins, or even WordPress.

Fixing the white screen of death in WordPress is quite easy but you shall go through the one by one as there can be multiple reasons (above mentioned) for the error.

White Screen Of Death In WordPress Fixed

  • Try deactivating themes and plugins
  • Try increasing your PHP limits
  • Reupload the wp-config.php file with correct database settings
  • Reupload wp-includes folder
  • Check if there is an issue with the hosting site by talking to the tech support of your hosting company
  • Sometimes clearing cache can solve the issue.

This much for now from our side. If you have any other tips to solve white screen of death error then please let us know via our comment box.


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